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BAKBO Janggi

Version2.05 (90)
UpdatedNov 12, 2017 (4 years ago)
CategoryGames, Board

Hi, I am Junho Jung, actor and C.E.O.

Welcome to the Korean Janggi game ‘Combat! Bakbo Janggi’ which is the chess game of all chess games.

It will be a chess experience like no other!
The king of chess ‘Combat! Bakbo Janggi’.

30, 100, 1000 years ago, master Janggi players went through millions of trials to make these puzzles to solve.
Let’s go to the magical world of Bakbo with the amazing Bakbo Janggi!

Bakbo is an art and magic.
You are not good at Janggi?
Bakbo Janggi will solve that problem like magic.

It is a battle that starts at the explosive climax!
Each skilled move determines the winner in this advanced, real time Janggi war game.

Combat! Bakbo Janggi is not only fun for people who are good at Janggi.

It is a “Climax Intelligence Board Game” in which the outcome is determined within just a few moves, only about 10 moves maximum!

It is a simple game with a short game time where you capture or defend the General in a fixed number of turns to win.

If you just know the basics about Janggi, you can enjoy this game.
Completely master Janggi! Through the tutorial system, even beginners can easily learn to play.

Watching is just as fun!

An awesome move by the player! Or an absurd mistake?
I decide each winner.

You can judge the game by watching, and bet on the predicted winner.

It can be another fun element for observers to succeed in intelligent betting and become a winner.

Intelligence Mind Sports Game!

Combat! Bakbo Janggi will solve all problems like magic.

Thank you.


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