Get ready for the big fight with Battle Derby: a fast and fun F2P game.


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Feb 26, 2024
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Battle Derby GAME

Get ready for battle!! Play, crash and have fun F2P (free to play). Choose your car, upgrade it and enjoy the different game modes. Battle Derby is a multiplayer Battle Royale game with a frenetic rhythm.

Define your strategy and choose the best car for the battle, from the power of a Truck to the speed of a Sport car. Prove your skills, become the last survivor or defeat as many opponents as possible to unlocks chests, events, level up and more . Are you ready for the Battle?

- Deathmatch: Get ready for an adrenaline-filled battle. The one who defeats the most enemies wins, get 7 defeats before the time limit.
-Find&Destroy: For those looking for extra action in the arena, destroy as many enemies as possible. Warning, now there are more!!!
-Battle Royale the game mode designed for the most competitive players!
A total of 16 players enter the arena, search for resources and battle each other until only one player remains.
Players choose the area of the map where they will appear at the beginning of the game. After a short period, a ring-shaped borderline will appear and start closing in, trapping everyone inside. Whoever stays outside it gets eliminated.
This game mode is characterized by the need to have a good strategy, besides being super exciting.

Win prizes, collect coins during the battles and get new cars to play with. Plan your strategy and choose the car that best suits the arena and the game mode. Your fighting skills will be your best ally.

- F2P
- Different game modes
- Unlock different cars, chest, pieces and more!
- Complete the daily quests to improve and get daily prizes.
- Practice your skills and level up.
- Have fun and fight!

Everyone can play battle derby: casual, midcore or hardcore players; there is an experience for everyone.

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