Battle of fighters is a commix of RPG and classic Fighting for fighting lovers.

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The city where you live is not a common city but a mafai city with full of street fighters,gangs of outlaws,bandits,gangsters and every type of criminals.It's time for ultimate survival.What you will do?
Overview :
You will face trouble at every step.Your aim is nothing just to becaome a king of fighters.
Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action and proof that you are deadly fighter.This game lets you pick your waepon between the fight if u hit the box around you.Create your strategy and counter every strike of your enemy and enjoy this action game.
This game have different taste like Robort Wars,Galaxy wars,Shadow Wars with shadow fighters and bandits.Use your moves when you face kung fu fighters and beat them brutally.This is your last day on earth, so get ready for Battle of fighters.
For the love of action games and gangster mobile games, this one is going to be so much fun ecumenical. Get on the assassin mission to shoot and kill mafia bellwethers, corrupt politicians, drug dealers, underworld local gangs, suicide bombers and terrorist vip officers. These malefactor activities have transformed once placid town into a city of malefaction.
Shooting bullets, glomming, larceny, abducting and assassination is prevalent everywhere. Preserve abducted denizens from the kidnappers by killing the enemies. Shoot to kill in this action packed sniper shooter game
Different Environment with differnet Criminals.At the end of every level you will face an incredible monster type enemy.This enemy is not a normal indeed infected with some type of virus and more powerful than others that time your real fighting time will starts.Recognize your super power and become a super hero with your natural skills.
The amusement spins around battling legends in Championship of Brutal warriors. User require super natural powers which are required to contend in an epic battling
Some Enemies know how to do Karate fight so beware from every move of karate this is totally depend upon you how to survive and clean the cites of outlaws.You are given many different defenses and attack techniques to help you fend off these attackers who want you dead. Master all the techniques , so you can survive!
Features :
Free download Battle of fighters to your android gadget and get yourself engaged with this realistic virtual war of fatal zodiac executioners. Prepare yourself, get used to the one of a kind battling styles of every warrior. These battle Borgs have their own particular superpower moves, learn them in the preparation state of mind. Have a great time, testing the battling abilities of yourself in the demise field of underground blood war. Annihilation all the wargods, be the last survivor and win the godlike lord title of this virtual killbox.
👊 Battle of fighters is an highly addictive action games.
👊 Extraordinary techniques predicated on the urban ninja
👊 Beautiful User Interface.
👊 Three Trained fighters as a player.
👊 Four differnet environments.
👊 Graphics based on vector design.
👊 New part of the ultimate action fighting game in Fighters style.
👊 Twenty different missions for user.
👊 New effective adversaries to fight against.
👊 Karate Paul demise combat zone.
👊 Highly Addictive battle game.

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