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BattleMetrics RCON APK

Supplementary app for the BattleMetrics RCON service. Made for server admins.

Version1.2.0 (3)
UpdatedAug 18, 2019 (2 years ago)
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This tool is a supplement, not a replacement for the BattleMetrics RCON tool. Adding & removing servers, as well as all organization-level functions must be completed in a normal browser. This app is only intended for subscribed server administrators and their staff. For more information please visit:

Our RCON servers maintain a 24/7 connection to your server, providing you with the most advanced admin tools available. With VPN/Proxy detection, ban syncing, admin permissions, a scheduler, chat alerts, and more, you'll never need to use another RCON tool. Our system is ideal for both large and small communities. BattleMetrics RCON will make the challenging job of server administration that much easier so that you can maintain your server, your security, and your sanity.

BattleMetrics RCON supports the following games:
 • 7 Days to Die
 • Ark: Survival Evolved
 • ArmA II
 • ArmA III
 • Conan: Exiles
 • Dark and Light
 • Insurgency
 • Post Scriptum
 • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
 • Rust
 • Squad

Key features include:

24/7 Connection
 • Our connection to your server is always active. Our tool is watching your server even if you cannot. Never lose chat, session, or other data again.
 • Three (3) months of chat storage.

Manage Multiple Servers Easily
We allow you to access all of your RCON-connected servers through the app. You'll no longer need to keep multiple connections open to keep track of your server network.

Proxy & VAC Ban Detection
Automatically detect if a player is using a Proxy or has a VAC ban and display an icon next to their name to let you know. Automatically kick or ban these players using triggers.

Steam Family Share Detection
Automatically detect if a player is using Steam Family Share. Kick or ban these players automatically with our trigger system.

(Managed on desktop)
Create powerful rules to manage your server automatically. Save yourself hours of work!

Ban Lists
(Managed on desktop)
 • Create and share ban lists with other communities to reduce the number of problem players joining your servers.
 • Limit the permissions of those you invite to your ban lists: you have full control over what other communities do with your list.
 • Opt-out and create exemptions for bans on a list so that you don't have to be bound by every decision on a shared ban list.
 • Quickly ban players with pre-populated ban templates.
 • Upon kicking for a ban, automatically add new identifiers to existing bans to reduce ban evasion.
 • Ban users across multiple servers.
 • Backup bans and reduce the size of your local ban file.
 • Import existing bans.

(Managed on desktop)
 • Send messages to the server on a customizable schedule. Automate your broadcasts by the minute, hour, day, or month (both by date and day of week).
 • Pick the type of schedule that works for you. We provide three templates: Simple, Warning, and Advanced.

Staff Permissions & Security
 • There's no need to hand out passwords to your staff anymore. In addition, you can limit what they can do. New staff member that you don't quite trust? Give them permission to issue bans up to 3 days long or whatever you want. We've made permissions and staff roles fully customizable.
 • Log all administrator actions your staff perform through our tool.

Player Logs
 • We track players based on name, IP, Steam64ID, and BEGUID. We cross-reference these identifiers against other players in our database. When you view a player profile, you can see if they've joined under a different name, IP, etc. You'll also see what other servers we've seen that player on before. On the server information screen, we flag first-time players with a star next to their name.
 • The player profile will also show if that player has ever been kicked or banned from the server before, easily allowing you to keep up with repeat offenders.

What's New

Maintenance release. Updating dependencies.


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