The perfect recreation of historic WW2 naval battles and famous warships.


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May 20, 2020
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Battleship Empire GAME

Battleship Empire is a free-to-play real-time strategy naval war game with accurate recreation of historic WW2 battles and warships.

Join the intense battles fought on the high sea with famous World War 2 naval vessels recreated based on historical images. Challenge your fleet with the most dangerous and vicious fights the world had yet seen. Collect different warships, level them up, and upgrade their equipment to fit in different combat situations. Each ship class has a different role in combat; make sure you have a dynamic fleet before put them into the trail of war.

If you like war games, naval warfare or a history fan, join Battleship Empire today to experience the naval war of the World War 2 from the view of a battlefield commander. Fight all the famous naval battles across the world and when you are done saving the world from the Axis’ Power, turn your fleet around and dive into the intense fights between players controlled factions and try your best to come to the world dominance.

Battleship Empire: 2018’s coolest free-to-play naval tactic game where your tactic does affect the outcomes of a battle.

Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, Submarines and even Aircraft Carriers, more than 60 World War 2 warships are available for you to command, and every warship is unique in shapes and skills. Understand each warship will be the key to success in battles.

Fight through PvE campaigns which are based on real battles in two World Wars. You can try to rewrite the fate of Bismarck or choose to send the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet to the bottom of the ocean, again.

A realistic military strategy mobile game of naval warfare that perfectly simulates the historical WWII battles. The real-time firing of warships will ignite your battle instinct and let you experience the blazing heat of wars. A real war game for real military fans.

-A global clash of nations
With multi-language support, players from many countries can play together on the same server and enjoy real-time chat and combat.

-Experience real naval battles in your hand
Witness classic battles of WWII once again and command your own invincible fleet across the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean!

-Organize Factions and conquer the world
Fight for the title of the strongest. Deploy your warships and set sail! Build your own mighty fleet!

-Make sure you have a strategic plan
Do your homework before a battle, and carefully plan your formation. Think about the rules, not just the numbers. Only the wise can win!

-Multiple modes bring you an upgraded gameplay experience
Capture the region, dominate your server and become the lord of the sea. The active weather system may bring you surprises!

Warships incoming! An unprecedented mobile war game bringing all classic naval battles to you. Challenge the winners, dominate the servers and create your own epic naval battles!

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