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BBS 2nd year notes T.U complete chapter with their notes in a very easy way

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Human Resource Management is an educational app for students
This is a complete Course of BBA , Human Resource Management is one of major course of business administration. H.R is active department in every organization, to the study of this course we can able to manage Human Resources. This application contain all major topics of course, this course include goals of H.R, Continuous improvement programs, Challenges of H.R, All strategies of H.R and so on .

The HR Management app will keep you at the forefront of today's people management strategies; including best practices, industry news, training and information on the following key sectors in HR:

Key Topic of HRM:
• Globalization
• Workforce Diversity
• Continuous Improvement Programs
• Strategic HRM
• External Influences on HRM
• Careers in HR
• Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis
• Job Analysis
• Recruiting
• The Insider Outsider Passage
• Employee Training
• Appraisal Methods in HRM

The app will expand your capacity to perform at the highest level, facilitate the execution of your company’s HR strategy and help grow and manage your most priceless resource, your people!

We aim to cover a broad arrange of topics for HR leaders and people managers of all kinds, from startups to executives of large multinational, the principles of cutting-edge HR Management can be useful cross ways the full variety of businesses and organizations.

This application allows you to expand your HRM knowledge, widen your expertise, improve your practice skills, Broaden your career & academic horizons. Invest in your Success Now.
Your investment in knowledge, professionalism & expertise is durable with a High added value, it's a High return investment.
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ortunately for you, the brains at Education Flow have already thought about this and bring to you the first ever
application to help you learn or revise.This application includes :

• Introduction
• Strategic HR Management and Planning
• Equal Employment Opportunity
• Jobs and Jobs Analysis
• Recruitment
• Selection
• Training and Developing
• Employee Benefits
• Performance and Appraisal
• Performance Appraisal Methods
• Rewards and Compensation
• Safety and Health Programs
• Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
Course Objectives:
This course aims to familiarize the students with the basic concepts and functions of HRM in the context of Nepal.
Book Chapter List:
1. HRM in Context
2. Meeting Human Resource Requirements
3. Developing Human Resources
4. Performance and Effectiveness
5. Compensation
6. Occupational Health and Safety
7. Managing Employee Relations, Change and Communication
8. Industrial Relations
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BBS notes
Competing books are focused on the academic part of HRM, which is necessary in a university or college setting. However, the goal with this book is not only to provide the necessary academic background information but also to present the material with a practitioner’s focus on both large and small businesses. While the writing style is clear and focused, we don’t feel jargon and ten-dollar words are necessary to making a good textbook. Clear and concise language makes the book interesting and understandable (not to mention more fun to read) to the future HRM professional and manager alike.
heir careers. For example, should you decide to start your own business, many of the topics discussed will apply to your business. This is the goal of this book; it is useful enough for the HRM professional, but the information presented is also applicable to managers, supervisors, and entrepreneurs.
Aoncerned with cutting costs, HRM departments must show the value they add to th

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