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Dec 9, 2020
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**This is a beta version, we will update the application based on users experience. Our next update will be on 1st August

This is your drug directory assistant, developed with machine learning and artificial
intelligence (AI).

The most influential invention that has put the medical science forward is Radio Imaging.
Among the several modalities like CT scan,MRI, etc, X-ray is considered the pioneers which
have been playing a role to bring revolution in modern era of medical science. We believe
eXhort will redefine the ongoing health care system and our motto is to improve every
aspect related to it. Hence we named our company eXhort which implies motivating
someone to do something better based on the X as it is going to be the next great thing after
X-ray. “BD Drug Directory” is therefore one small step towards a giant leap of eXhort.
We have incorporated AI (Artificial Intelligence) into BD Drug Directory. It is a part of Neural
Network that we are developing to serve people more efficiently. It is not mere a Mobile
Application, rather being a ray of hope for executing a great idea or vision.
The more you use it, the smarter it gets.
More and more brilliant doctors and programmers and innovative minds are joining with
eXhort. Together we are building such echo system that will be best for both patients and
health professionals.
Support us for the betterment of healthcare in our country.

Good initiatives are worthy enough for emphasizing greater deeds indeed considering all the
good and wellness of everything you truly care about.

 Its very much simple to use.
 Easy to search a desired.You can search by Trade name, Generic Name, Drug group or
Indication- all in a single search bar.
 Fast, friendly user interference.
 With pediatric dosage calculator.
 Easy finding to a drug of preferred pharmaceutical.

Disclaimer : Bd Drug Directory is made with intention of reference and study purpose.Don’t
treat with its knowledge, always depend on health professionals for treatment.

Remember, every drug has side effect or adverse effect.A medicine is prescribed by your
physician only when he convinced potential benefits is greater than potential adverse effect.
So please don’t misuse it or take it without registered physician’s advice.
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