Coward summoner encounters the strange monsters!


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Jun 18, 2024
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Be my summoner GAME

Coward summoner encounters the strange monsters!
Defeat and summon monsters to clear the dungeons.
The endless challenge is about to begin!


1. Fun collection of the extraordinary monsters!
- Unique monsters with unusual names
>> Summon 100 kinds of monsters and create your own team!

2. Enjoy infinite hunting with auto battle
- Non-stop idle system that trains without any stress
>> Challenge endlessly and grow infinitely!

3. A variety of rewards and contents to enjoy without break!
- Earn rewards every time you clear the quests
>> Just stay still and it will take care of everything!


1. Defeat monsters to collect soul pieces.
2. Summon the monsters with collected soul pieces.
3. If you clear dungeons quickly, you get to have more courage.
4. Summon various monsters and use items to easily clear the dungeons.

※ Tips ※

1. At first, it's a good idea to upgrade your mana regeneration so you can summon more.
2. If you have enough ruby, buy Auto-fever at the store (Good performance).
3. Summon all the creatures of one team to get a powerful team buff.
4. Ultimate Stones make your creatures stronger quickly.
5. If you don't have Ultimate Stone, you can train creatures to their maximum level and extract the stone.
6. If the monsters are powerful and you have difficulty clearing the dungeon, use the portal to return to the first dungeon and collect more courage.
7. At Fever time, unique skills of summoner's skins are triggered. You can select skin that you need.
8. Dark Tower Wraiths are very powerful but they have much rewards. You can get rewards according to Wraiths damage. To challenge the Tower of Darkness.
9. The more rewarded Ads you see, the higher the reward :)

Once you start, there’s no going back!
Are you ready to summon with coward summoners?
Play it now!

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This service does not require any app permissions.

This service contains microtransactions, offering in-game currency and items.
Please note that in-app purchases cost real money and are charged to your account.

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