Beacon Simulator APK

Broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. iBeacon,Eddystone & AltBeacon supported.

Version1.5.1 (20190324)
UpdatedMar 23, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperVincent Hiribarren
CategoryApps, Tools

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon simulator.

This app transforms your Android device into a virtual BLE beacon advertiser and transmitter. You can create your own collection of beacon configurations and use them anytime, anywhere, to emulate a physical beacon.

Its purpose is essentially to help developers working on beacon software with more flexibility than with some real beacons.

Current features:

- Broadcast and advertise iBeacon, AltBeacon, Eddystone
- Eddystone support for: URL, UID, unencrypted TLM (telemetry), EID (Ephemeral ID)
- Create, edit, manage and save your beacon configurations
- Background broadcast
- Scan of nearby beacons, copy of their configuration
- Check tool to know how many broadcast is possible on your phone
- In English and French

Android limitations:

- the MAC address is automatically managed by Android, and will change for each new EID rotation
- not possible to broadcast several different frames with a same MAC address
- broadcast capability depends on your phone, you can use the check tool to know what is possible for you

Other limitations:

- TLM data are static in time
- Scan is not a main feature of the app for now, just an helper

Permissions are for:

- bluetooth: scan, broadcast using Bluetooth
- location: unfortunately, required by Android to perform a Bluetooth scan
- internet: for log collection in case of crashes and statistics about usage

Email: android-support@alea.net

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