Bear in Farm 3D - Maze Run APK

The hungry bear runs about looking for food at a farm village!

Version1.4 (8)
UpdatedFeb 13, 2015 (6 years ago)
CategoryGames, Arcade

One hungry bear goes to the usual farm town to look for food.
However, unexpected frenzy rivals had waiting in there…
Really, Whether the bear can safely escape, is up to you!

- Free, no in-app purchases.
- You can play in at short time, e.g., the interval of the schedule.
- The cartoon bear simulator game with 3D dot-eat (e.g. pac-man) action.
- This game is not a so-called farming simulator, is a non-super hard maze game.
- In the map such as the maze, the bear gets food while escaping from the chase of the frenzy enemy.
- Various maniac enemies full of personality, hunt down the player in the movement of its own.
- When you clear all stages, you can challenge to play in hard mode further. (Max Lv3)
- Currently, the available 5 stage all 10 stages during. The remaining stages additional upcoming.

How to play:
- Press and hold the arrow keys before you turn, you can turn quickly.
- You can change the direction of the bear by pressing the arrow keys at the bottom left of the screen.
- Press the STOP or GO! button at the bottom right of the screen, you can pause or resume game.
- The stage cleared when you collect the food, it was achieved the target.
- The game is over when the number of the life becomes zero or the remaining time becomes zero.

Capture method:
- When the enemy has been imminent, once press the stop button, and consider the tactics.
- By change of view point, try to confirm the position of the enemy.
- Since the pincer attack is likely to occur, beware the long straight road!
- Observe behavior patterns of the enemy. (e.g.: tracking type, ambush type, pincer type, tail type, etc.)
- At the time of situation that you are in danger, a useful drink is thrown in. Catch it well!

- Depending on the terminal, it may take a little time to load the data at the time of initial startup.

Game content will be continuously updated in the future!
Have fun! !

What's New

- New Character
- New Items

Email: labenekogames@gmail.com

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