Godbeast Wars is a two-dimensional card game


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Aug 30, 2022
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Beast Tamer Storm GAME

Godbeast Wars is a two-dimensional card game as the theme of the development of competitive hand games.You will become the teacher of the gods, leading them through all kinds of difficulties, against the coming storm!

[Game features]
Hundreds of magical elves fight with you, enjoy the fun of pet battles. Participate in a large number of copies of the dispatch tasks, raining the elves in combat, get rich props.

[Game Painting Style]
The art style is fresh. And the cut scenes are rendered in real time, and the character actions are presented with quality visual effects.
Complete presentation of the original fantasy adventure story, adventurers who like to play in cross-platform, welcome to start your new journey!

Challenge quartz conference, competition between masters, flexible collocation lineup is the key;
Fight guilds, win the title of the strongest guilds, and gain full faith.
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