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Most of you must be familiar with two kinds of words commonly used to mention the clothing category of blouse and shirt. Although it has often heard the term but did you know what distinguishes the blouse and shirt itself ?.
The term dress clothes, shirts or blouses may already be familiar in the world of fashion, especially for those of us who often deal with clothes, clothing or clothing. Because the above terms are words for the clothing category.

A blouse is a suit with a loose top model and a hanging bottom. And not infrequently using a belt or belt. Long size Short blouse only up to less waist (Or just tops only). Blouse only consists of superiors, Sedans dres consists of superiors and subordinates who fused.
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Blouse is a type of women's clothing that has been commonly worn given the nature is quite neutral and the relative price Can be said cheap. Perhaps you are reluctant to trace the notion of the cheap and newest blouse of women because your tastes are leaning towards a type that is not rigid or informal. And actually blouse can have a formal and non-formal impression.

For a layman who is less well-versed in the fashion world they may think that the blouse and shirt are the same two outfits. This happens because most people are more often use the general term of clothes or clothes to mention certain types of clothing. The blouse is a newfangled upper body cover that has a long size to the waist so that when worn will have the effect of hanging over the wearer's body. These blouses are usually made with or without buttons on the front.

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shirt blouse, women's top, batik online, batik blouse model, beautiful blouse model.In other words, it is a blouse style that adds to your body no matter the function and opportunity you use. Examples of wedding blouses are used for weddings. This woman does not mind playing with their fashion designer blouse. So, when it comes to various neck patterns or back blouses, Indian women want to combine them. In fact, the beautiful blouse design has inspired us all young soul to plunge into various modern blouse design and blouse print design.

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