Beeramid Cast Drinking Game APK

Enjoy a card based chromecast drinking game with your friends on the big screen

Version2.0 (18)
UpdatedSep 03, 2018 (2 years ago)
CategoryGames, Card

Beeramid lets you play a fun drinking game with friends on your TV using your chromecast, and now on your phone as well (unlock required).

Choose the number of players (1-4), have the cards be dealt and start flipping the pyramid. Depending on the row of the pyramid if you match one of the cards you will drink a different number of drinks.

Expansion games:
Ride The Bus - The player with the least amount of drinks from the main game "rides the bus". Ties are broken randomly

Up The River / Down The River - This game adds a new game board that allows for giving and taking drinks when your card flips

Sociables - The classic game, known by many names, sociables, boxhead, kings cup, etc... Draw a card and the number on the card determines the rules. Multiple Rule-sets in the game with more coming, email me your suggestions!

I'm always interested to hear what you liked or didn't like about the game. I'm open to changing things about the game to make it a better experience and welcome your feedback. Feel free to contact me at daniellatimer@gmail.com

Change Log:
1.1 - Multiple changes to increase the pace of the game, remove zoom, remove shuffle, simpler animations
1.2 - Increase number of cards dealt to players from 4 to 7 to reduce number of times where no one drinks
1.3 - Add Ride the bus demo
1.4 - Fix typo
1.5 - Ride the bus full release
1.6 - Add Up the river game
1.7 - Add ability to play on your phone!
1.8 - Add Sociables game
1.9 - Add Hardcore sociables
2.0 - Fix local play, make all expansions free

Email: daniellatimer@gmail.com

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