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Latest Version

Nameおねだり猫 APK
Version1.3.1 (10)
UpdatedSep 10, 2016
DeveloperHideaki Andoh
CategoryApps, Lifestyle

Begging cat app

Cat is a home screen widget application scrounge.

Cat is a home screen widget application scrounge.
You can install the terminal app for, we will spread the contents scrounge scrounge cat.

A. Placement of the widget
Please continue to touch where you want to place the cat begging on the home screen. Menu will be displayed for a while. After that, please touch the widgets on the menu. Since widget selection screen will appear, please touch from among its looking for a "cat begging." Cat will be displayed on the screen in this home.

Support the current application []
Once you have registered the items scheduled shopping, you have managed your cat Dari I beg.

Eligible savings of cat-
Is an application to enjoy the savings. You can find savings in the amount of gold in the warehouse or how much the savings target for the amount.

I think whether it was created if there are fun cat come to scrounge various things on the home screen.
This application on the property that the home screen widgets, will be possible to install only the main memory. So, this app is specific to only display on the home screen, tap Start application by the cat has a different app. So, you have to minimize the amount of main memory resource usage.

[That] take care
• If you determine the screen off, not to manipulate the terminal has stopped updating the widget.

About the permit;
For your ads, asking for permission below. Please be patient.
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