Easy to learn to read the letters with the help of sound Hijaiyah spelling and meaning of each letter


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Jan 31, 2021

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Belajar Baca Huruf Hijaiyah APP

Learning to read letters Hijaiyah suitable for children and adults who want to learn to read the letters Hijaiyah (Arabic).

Here, our app not only teaches you to get to know and be able to read the letters Hijaiyah but also gives the real meaning of each letter Hijaiyah you are studying.

★ Equipped with spelling sound and visual images interactively can you hear over and over again simply by touching (tap) the writing and the picture
★ Supported feature to record their own voice and play back at the time of learning to spell certain syllables.
★ navigation system to the right and to the left that lets you quickly access each letter that you want to learn
★ The meaning of each letter you are studying

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