BenchMap APK

Map-Based app to help you find high-accuracy survey control marks from the NGS.

Version2.5.0 (250000)
UpdatedJan 10, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
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BenchMap allows searching and viewing of National Geodetic Survey (NGS) survey stations on an interactive map. The map will allow you to quickly determine if the control station is usable, and whether the chances that it still exists. Once a station is selected, you can view its datasheet - both in the app and through your web browser. You can also pull up the Geocaching page, in case there may be useful notes that aren't on the NGS's site.

Tools for submitting a recovery to the NGS inslude allowing you to take pictures of the station (using the recommended naming format), and record notes. (At this time, submission of recoveries is not possible in the app - but may be available in the future!)

Filtering allows you view just the types of stations to display that you want - like certain stabilities, horizontal/vertical orders, and destroyed/non-publishable status. You can also directly search for a PID and have the map take you to the location of the station.

Made for the professional surveyor and the hobbyist out there in the wild.

Note that the application will only display NGS survey marks. At this time, certain agencies' stations will not appear in the app, unless their survey controls were submitted to the NGS. These agencies include:
- United States Geological Survey (USGS) - they will never digitize their station database.
- Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) - they have an online database, but at this time no API to pull data from.
- Department of Interior (DOI) - Stations for the DOI that don't fall under the ones above at this time have no API.

If any of these open up an API to pull survey marks from, they will be included.

What's New

Last major update before v3 is released. This update:
1. Fixes an issue with some ROMs and Google Play not recognizing Pro purchases.
2. Option to lock screen on in Map mode.
3. For Pro users, can now load your offline files in NGS DAT/TXT files of Datasheets. GPX files will still load, but now you can download a county straight from NGS, put it on your SD card, and load it.

Only Android v5 and up is supported. This will be the last release in which Marshmallow is supported.

Email: benchmap@tsqmadness.com

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