the Ink Machine. It’s a dark world with fantastic


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Oct 28, 2019

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- Bendy and the Ink Machine. It’s a dark world with fantastic

Bendy and the Ink Machine takes players down a corrupted nostalgia trip, full of old school cartoon characters mixed with twisted horror. Exploration, puzzle solving, and the occasional fight are the name of the game, even if the save system could be better.

Bendy carries with it all the traits you expect from a modern horror game, (and even though you would rarely use it) one of these being stealth. You may, if you choose to try and stay hidden, but the A.I. in the game, well, I wouldn’t call it smart. You can hide in cupboards and wait for the horror to pass, but you soon realize that once you step foot in the cupboard, the enemy completely ignores you, making the chase scenes not so dramatic. Because of this I chose to go flat-out, though after a couple deaths, you can easily remember the paths to take and can simply outrun the enemies.

The horror element in Bendy isn’t so much a jump scare one, and although it does contain a few shock-value scenes, horror mainly comes from the story aspects – but I would still advise you to run either way

- the exploration of a long-dark studio and the menace of creatures of black ink will stay with me.
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