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Berries make desserts so much better. With so many health benefits, berries may be one of the tastiest ways to eat well. But before heading to the store, keep these points in mind. The fresher the berries, the better they'll taste, so buy them locally grown or, if you get the chance, pick them yourself at a farm. And choose organically grown if possible, especially raspberries and strawberries.

Once you get your berries home, do not wash them because moisture on the surface encourages rot. Instead, pick out mushy or moldy berries, pat dry any moisture, and store them in a clean, dry container. Whether it's summertime or the holiday season, our berry recipes are sure to hit the spot. All featuring the most popular berries like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and cranberry.

Berries go bad quickly, so eat them within a day or two. If you can not, refrigeration will help them last longer, but berries taste best at room temperature. Rinse just before eating or serve them up for dessert using one of our recipes. Berries and dessert will always be a good idea. Because berries make desserts so much better. 59 percent of raspberries and 90 percent of strawberries have tested positive for pesticide residues in commercial samples.

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