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Get the best nail manicure tutorials just here!

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Best nail manicure tutorials

Get the best nail manicure tutorials just here!

 If you can not go to a manicure pedicure you can do it yourself at home, feet often become the most neglected body part to treat. Doing manicure padikur will not only beautify the appearance of your feet and toenails. However, a manicure padicure can also help prevent nail disease and foot problems.

To get a pedicure manicure, you may spend your time and money at the beauty salon. However, in fact to get a pedicure manicure, you can get it by doing your own pedicure madikur at home. Surely you must learn the proper steps to take care of your feet.

How to manicure your own oedikur at home with the results as in the salon.

- Remove all nail polish on your nails with mild nail polish removwe chemicals.
- Put warm water on a bucket. Give soap or salt. Put your foot into it for 10-15 minutes. You can also insert marbles or soft rocks into the bucket to provide a relaxing effect.
- Use a toe brush or scrub to remove all dirt on sticking on the heel of the foot and between the nails
- By using callus or pumice stone, rub the heel and sole of your feet to get rid of dead skins that are there.
- Massage your feet while doing scrubs. After that, wrap your feet with a warm towel to lock the moisture on the feet.
- Dry your feet with a towel. Then, cut your nails.
- Stick your nails gently and push back the cuticle with orange stick. You can also use a lightweight nail buffer to polish the surface of your toenails.
- Wash your feet and dry.
- Massage your feet with moisturizing lotion for 5 minutes.
- When finished, remove all residual oil on your nails with a remover then give your toenails nail polish.

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