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"RSS Reader - Update News/The RSS reader you must have" is the application you need to have handy the information you care and you need, not only the information the media think is important for you.

Are you a correspondent interested in a specific Web page information, just write down RSS link and follow up the news you need.

Probably you are a professional carpenter or a Real State agent and need to follow the information of specific Web pages, just get the RSS link and it's done, with "RSS Reader - RSS Reader - Update News / The RSS reader to have" you will have in your mobile device the instant actualization of your favorite sites, without needing to visit each site.

The specific information you need very frequently is not the one the media give you as breaking. Follow your those topics you matter easily with "RSS Reader - Update News/The RSS reader you must have".

In the latest versions, we have incorporated the new feature that allows you to add the RSS really matter you.

You, who knows that being promptly informed is a must in the desition making will find in this tool you need.
As you may know, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, an XML format for distributing content on the web. It is used to disseminate frequently updated information to users who have subscribed to the content source. The format allows you to distribute content without the need of a browser, using programs called news aggregators, designed to read RSS content, such as Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird or Akregator, among others. Despite this, it is possible to use the same browser to view the RSS content. The latest versions of the main browsers allow you to read the RSS without the need for additional programs. RSS is part of the family of XML formats, developed specifically for all types of sites that are updated frequently and through which you can share the information and use it on other websites or programs. This is known as web rebroadcasting or web syndication.
In the RSS file are simply the data of the site's news, such as the title, date of publication or description. The program that reads the RSS will be responsible for giving style or appearance to the data included in the file and presenting them in an attractive way.
That RSS is an XML-based format means that the RSS file is composed of a series of defined tags that will have a given format, which will respect the general rules of XML.
This file is usually called index.xml and is hanging from the main page.
It is worth mentioning that RSS is not a protocol like OAI-PMH or SRU since it does not include parameters of any kind. It is not possible to define search criteria through a query.


* Read news from both RSS feed and Atom feeds.
* The RSS reader you must have
* Follow International RSS feed reader, National and local news.
* Add the RSS feed of the Web pages you like
* Pieces with image and description.
* Sorted by publishing time.
* Simple and easy to use design.
* Save and share the news.
* Sync the system to update.
* Automatic background sync when notification enabled.
* Schedule notifications.
* Feeds are organized in the directory by category.
* There are also many topics.
* Add and remove feeds from navigation drawer.
* Offline news reader even some images displayed on offline.
* Store news on the local database.
* Clean database old info.
* Search machine included.
* Full-size image view.
* Photo section.
* Build it web browser to read news from the source.
* Most feeds are English language and have an image.
* User can listen to the information.
* Slideshow with the image.
* Enable disable news slide show.
* On-off sound on the slideshow.
* Global/world breaking news from the various news feed.
* Get updates for recent technology, business, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, health, science, entertainment, economics, sports and many types of news.
* Settings.

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