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This app contains the presence of positivity & freshness with lots of bhajans.

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You can search for your favorite Hindi Bhajan songs or simply select songs from the various playlists already created for you. Our collection of Bhajans include Krishna Bhajans, Shiva Bhajans, Ganesha Bhajans, Sai Baba Bhajans,, Durga Bhajans, Rama Bhajans among many others
Just download the FREE Hindi Bhajan songs app and get immersed in a melodious musical experience.

Hare Krishna! The great Lord Krishna, one of Hinduism's most famous deities. The great exponent of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna is the ninth and the most powerful incarnation of Vishnu, the Godhead of the Hindu Trinity of deities.
Here we are presenting “Krishna Bhajan App” A huge collection of Best Hindi Devotional HD Videos, Audios and Wallpapers..
Feature of the application:-

It is a wonderful app of famous and popular Aarti and Bhakti songs of the Hindu Gods and Goddess. One does not have to invest time in searching and downloading devotional songs, get Hindi Bhajans and Aarti from one source. Bhajans are normally lyrical, expressing love for the Divine. The App contains a unique collection of devotional songs that praise the God or preach the teachings of saints. These are a means of getting closer to God, listening to your favorite Bhajans will give you peace of mind and help you in your meditation.

इस ऐप में 2000 से भी अधिक भजन, भक्ति गीत, चालीसा, गीत, आरती उपलब्ध है l ये भजन कई भाषाओं में उपलब्ध है - जैसे हिंदी, गुजराती, पंजाबी, मराठी, मलयालम, कन्नड़, तमिल, तेलगु, बंगाली और भोजपुरी l इस ऐप में हिंदू कैलेंडर जिसमें अधिकांश त्योहारों जैसे पंचांग, पंचांगम, एकदशी, संक्रांति, ग्रहण और अधिक शामिल है l ऐप में विशेष पर्व के लिए, सुंदर भजन का संग्रह है जैसे दिवाली, होली, गर्बा, नवरात्रि, दांडिया, दुर्गा पूजा महत्वपूर्ण हैं l

- Completely free Bhajans and songs unlike other apps
- Create your list of favorite Bhajans
- Very simple interface specially designed for elderly people
- Lyrics of popular “Hindi Bhajans” available on selected Bhajans
Songs Description

* Morning Bhajan & Chants
* Ganesha Bhajans
* Maa Durga Bhajans
* Krishna Bhajans
* Shiv Bhajans
* Shree Ram Bhajans
* Hanuman Bhajans
* Khatu Shyam Bhajans
* Sai Baba Bhajans
* Arti & Chalisa
* Jaya Kishoriji Bhajans

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