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Latest Version

NameBharat Browser APK
Version2.1.9 (83)
UpdatedSep 17, 2021
DeveloperSuper Unlimited Inc
CategoryApps, Communication

Bharat Browser - Fast, Safe & Best Indian Browser app

Ad Blocker, Fast Download, Private Browsing, Shopping, Games and Best Browser

Browse your favorite content quickly, safely & easily. Bharat Browser is a high speed web browser for Android phones & tablets for surfing, watching videos, news updates, shopping, regional apps & services etc. This browser has multiple features like private browsing to secure your data, Ad blocker to avoid unnecessary ads, multi-language to get recent updates in your regional languages etc.

Download India’s best faster & safest lightweight browser for Android with features useful for every user.

Indian Browser:
Bharat Browser purely Made for India and it is a best Indian browser for Android. So it is an India based browser and made for India and all the features are related to Indian user. User can select his mother tongue or language of his region to get updates in his preferable language. Also MyState feature allows user to select his State or Union territory to receive news notification from his region.

Safest Browser:
Surfing & browsing on Bharat Browser app is totally safe & secure. This prevents you from any spurious third-party activity or any unauthorized websites or content access. This is best mobile browser available free on play store.

Private Browsing:
App offers private mode browsing also called incognito mode to keep your browsing data or history private. Incognito tab is tab which will not allow search engines or website cookies to track the activity of user. This will help you to maintain privacy while surfing.

Ad blocker Browser:
Bharat Browser provides Ad blocker feature which helps you to prevent from unnecessary ads and makes your browsing experience ad free and fast. This is one of the best Ad blocker browser for Android in India.

Multi Language Browser:
This feature helps you to browse in your regional language, mother tongue or any other preferable language.

My State Browser:
This feature allows user to choose your state and according to that browser will show content, recent updates & trending news of your region. This will help people get latest updates in their regional states.

Games Centre:
Bharat Browser offers to play your favorite game without downloading or installing them. You can choose to play games from the latest popular games library.

All In One Shopping App:
Bharat Browser allows you to shop and avail offers from multiple shopping websites from one place. No need to install multiple online shopping apps. Just one Browser, Bharat Browser.

Advantages of Browser

Fastest Browser:
It is a fastest browser for Android. It takes less time to load content, videos or downloading large file. In simple words the speed of browser is very high. So it saves not only time & money but also increase efficiency of browser. It is the best high speed browser for Android users.

All in One Browser:
This is multi-tasking browser. User can read news, shop online, watching videos, reading blogs etc. can be done using single browser.

No lagging & No hanging Issue:
User shall never face issue of Browser crashing or lagging even in multi tab usage or downloading heavy files.

Free Browser:
This browser available in free of cost on play store. At present Bharat browser available only for Android phones and tablets.

About Bharat Browser:
Our mission is to provide safe, secure, fast and hassle free mobile web browsing experience to Android users. We enhance web surfing experience using our smart & unique features. There are multiple browser options in web world but we try our best to make our web browser smarter, lighter & faster.
We want to provide your one browser solution for all your digital needs.

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