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Beautiful 04 Songs of Bhuvaneswari Kavasam and Suprabhatham.

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The primordial energy (Sakthi) in the female form, is known by various names such as Rajarajeswari, Aadhi Parasakthi and Jagadamba. Rajarajeswari has ten different aspects such as Kali, Thara, Shodasi etc. One of these aspects is Bhuvaneswari. Bhuvanam Eswari means the ruler. She rules the universe according to Her will. In other words, the whole universe belongs to Her.

Goddess Bhuvaneswari is a symbol of beauty and grace. She is the giver of wealth, health and happiness. Prayers offered to her remove sorrows. Sins are forgiven by Her. By praying Her, birth less state and Moksha are obtained.

Bhuvaneswari always appears with a smiling face. She has 4 hands; two of which bless the devotees. She carries weapons such as Paasam Angusam (for control of anger). Her smiling face is meant to cheer-up devotees for happiness. She is always well dressed, bedecked with Jewelry and gems of various kinds. Scriptures describe Her as brighter than thousand Suns, and wearing a crescent moon on Her crown. She is worshipped by Brahma, Vishnu and Siva.

She resides at Manidweepam, which was created out of Her own thought. Manidvipam

Sri Bhuvaneswari represents knowledge and intelligence. Her Bheeja is ‘Hreem’. She is also the controller of Maaya. Her powers extend throughout the universe. In human beings, she exists as Kundalini Sakthi and Sabthabrahmam.

List of songs in "Bhuvaneswari kavasam and suprabhatam" :-
1) Sri Bhuvaneswari Thiruppalieluhuchi
2) Sri Bhuvaneswaru Kavasam
3) Jaya Jagatheshwari
4) Arulaana Thaayae

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