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Welcome to Big Gun! With our brave hero and powerful guns

Version2.6 (19)
UpdatedMar 13, 2017 (4 years ago)
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Welcome to Big Gun! With our brave hero and powerful guns, all you have to do is wipe out any monsters on the way and show them no mercy!
*Up to 30 guns can be chosen: handgun makes you shoot while running, shotgun fires 3 bullets in one shot, rocket launcher auto aims the nearest monster and blows up all the monsters around.
*12 powerful skills: together with unique skill combination system, you can create hundreds of ways to use skills, so try your best to make out the most efficient and mighty skill combinations and show them in the crowd of monsters!
*Improved AI system: more than a hundred monsters can be seen in one screen. 8 types of monsters, including vampires, nagas, even dragons! Afraid? No, fear helps nothing, only guns and skills can make you survive.
*Jewel System: Allow you to inlay powerful jewel into guns. 6 types of Jewel, enhancing life, mana, strength, and every other property of your hero, even make you recover HP in the battle through your attack! You will feel stronger than ever with these wonderful jewels!
*Achievement System: 16 types of achievements, together with more than 50 missions! Countless crystal rewards lie in front of you , come and get them!
*Frost Wyrm arrives! The giant dragon is bringing death to the whole world! Get armed and prepare the new challenge!
*ShotGun evolved! Now shotgun can make you shoot while running!
*Grenade is coming! Great power, fancy effects, throw grenades, feel like god!
*Daily bonus is now available! Keep login day by day, coins and crystals boom day by day!
*Top art provides gorgeous images to you. Village, wood, church, dungeon, 4 places are waiting for you!
Suit yourself and ready to get into battle! Good luck!

What's New

move ahead weapon un-lock stage
on sale for every Wednesday and weekend
bug fix

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