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1) Understanding Quotes
Quote is a word that probably everybody not know what he meant. Quote is also an idea, ideas, opinions drawn from various sources. The process of taking an idea that is called quote. The idea can be taken from dictionaries, encyclopedias, articles, reports, books, magazines, the Internet, and so forth.
2) Principles in quotes
In making our writing would often take or quote from the writings of others, and therefore we need to know how the principles are correct in quoting from the writings of others. Among them are the following:
a. when in citing a work or the writings of the incorrect spelling of the sources we quote, then we should leave it as it is as the source that we take. We as pengutip not be allowed to justify the wrong words or sentences from the sources we quote.
b.dalam quote we allowed to eliminate parts of the citation provided that
omission on the part that does not cause a change in meaning or meanings contained in the source of our quotations. Here's how:
# Eliminate the quote section of less than one paragraph.
The portions were removed to be replaced with three dots spaced.
# Eliminate the quote section of less than one paragraph.
The portions were removed to be replaced by three points spaced along the line (from the left margin to the right margin).
3) Types of Quotes
There are several types of quotes, among others, is a direct citation and citation Not directly. Here I will try to explain the types of these quotations.
a.Kutipan Direct quote is exactly the same as the original quote, or a source that we take for quote. Here we must never alter or omit words or sentences from the source citation kita.Kalaupun no doubt or mistake in the ambit of our quote we can only memandakannya with [sic] which indicates that we quote directly without any edits, and we are not responsible if there is an error of citation ynag we take. When the citations are letters or words are wrong and corrected by pengutip, should be used letter elbow. Similarly, if we adjust the spelling, giving a capital letter, underline, or italics, we need to explain that, eg, [italics pengutip], [spelling adapted to EYD], etc.
b. Indirect quote is a quote that we have quick gist of the source of the original quote. Indirect quotation blend with the written text that we make and do not flanked petik.Penyebutan pins can source footnote system, the system can also record straight

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