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Version1.0 (2)
UpdatedApr 22, 2015 (5 years ago)
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It is a 3D billiards app.
This app is on your desk in the makeover in mini game machine! !
(Then and I hope ...)
Screen advertising will appear in the upper part.
Method of operation, please go to the street below.
1. The start of the game
When you start the app, die and the ball will be displayed,
Billiard ball will be displayed in alignment with the first inverted triangle.
2. How to play (how to moon ball)
When you tap one finger on the screen, the queue is displayed in gray.
When you tap two fingers, the queue is changed to brown,
The tip of the queue you will be able to touch only the cue ball (white ball).
By shortening the distance between the two fingers, because the queue is pushed before, please with a good cue ball.
After you have hit on one after another other ball the cue ball, please went down in the pocket in order.
3. How to play (for out)
When a cue ball (the white ball) would drop in the pocket, it will be out.
Touching the screen, because the resume point is marked, it will be resumed from there When you release your finger in the desired position.
4. How to play (Game clear)
And the game is clear Dropping all but the cue ball in the pocket, to return to the original state.
If you enjoy Uchia~tsu alternately decide the rules several people, it might incandescent ...
I'm sorry if you did not incandescent.
5. For after the game clear
Maybe because Ball is cleared once is to be displayed buggy, thank you to restart the application.
If this app, if As you can download a lot to everybody, and I want to variously fiddled.
Because it is willing to give up gracefully when it was too unpopular, will somehow please.
This application does not have a Dari charged malicious programs, and the like.
But by any chance this application, as any problem happened to your terminal, since you can not any guarantee, there is no excuse, but please understand.
The - The - The - The - The -
If Toka application of the public plan future very well, other so we introduce a variety of things
Please doing come to play on my site.

Email: ruhakataika@yahoo.co.jp

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