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Bird Sound plus contain bird song and pictures Description bird habitat bird

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the beauty of the sound of birds is very good to listening. the sound of birds can be mind at ease. a lot of birds in the world and a variety of voice, bird lovers are usually master the sounds of birds. in this application there is the sound of birds and the description of the sound of birds, therapy, and the sound of water.
a kind bird generally different by eastern bird and western bird and a country usually have many kind bird like thailand malaysia vietnam brazil german US canada filiphina arabian africa china australia europe rusian england hungarian india, they have endemic bird like, As for the type of bird singing :

- Chestnut - capped thrush
- Orange- Headed thrush
- Blackthroat
- Lanius schach
- the creasted jay
- greater green leafbird
- grey cheekd bulbul
- the blue winged leafbird
- straw headed bul bul
-pied bush chat
- bar wingd prinia
- common myna
- strutus contra
- magpies robin
- canary
- black naped oriole
- love bird
- white rumped shamam
- silver eared mesia
- ambon white eye
- eurpian robin
- common iorea
- the azure dollarbird
- cryonis
- yellow vanted bul bul
- bird of paradise

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