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Birds of paradise, birds are popular to hear a lot. Because it sounds good And there is a beautiful voice. People who like to listen to the birds to treat the disease or the bird to the birds.

White-rumped shama (English: White-rumped shama; Scientific name: Copsychus malabaricus) is a bird in the Muscicapidae family. It is closely related to the Magpie House. The difference is that the magpie Dong is colorful with a bright reddish brown. And have a much longer tail than wings and body. There is a melody Westerners who entered India and found this bird called the Nightingale of India.

General characteristics of the cross is a thick jaw at the end of the mouth on the head slightly. The length of the mouth is more than half the length of the head, with short stiff hairs at the corners of the mouth. The ears are rounded. The hairs at the ends of the wings are ten. The hairs on the tail are twelve. The tail is double. Legs and big toes Strong It can jump skillfully. The lower part of the leg is large, like a cushioned leg covering. The toes extend 3 inches in front and 1 inch in the back. Suitable for sticking branches and jumping. The length of the mouth to the tail of the tail about 28 cm, the tail is about 15 - 19 cm long. The cross of the house with a long tail about 9 cm.

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