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Types of Birthday and Wedding Cakes
Birthday cake is a dish that we can not avoid when being in a birthday party. If we see at a glance, all the shapes and types must look the same. There is a birthday cake that is round with decorations outside the lining. There is also a square with layered ornaments in it. This decoration is also a distinctive feature for the cakes. The ornaments of the chocolate material are the ones that often appear. In addition to chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or fruits also have their respective fans.
Although in history the birthday cake is only rounded from honey base with candles that symbolize the moonlight for Artemis Dewi, but now the type of birthday cake has been very diverse. Technology makes it easy for cake makers to create diverse creations as well as have attractive artistic value.
1. Black Forest
The name Black Forest is a claim from its original place of Schwarzwalder (Black Forest). The typical German cake is made from a chocolate sponge coated with fresh cream, cherry, chocolate shavings and soaked in a Kirschwasser. This cake is very famous among chocolate cake lovers. This cake is also one of the birthday cakes that often appear.
2. Tiramisu
If Germany can boast of its Black Forest that already has many fans, Italy is also no less proud with Tiramisunya. Tiramisu is made from basic ingredients of biscuits soaked in coffee liquor and mascarpone cheese.
Tiramisu has a characteristic that is a multilayered form interspersed with whipped cream with a sprinkling of coffee powder on top. This cake is made with roasting process.
3. Cheese Cake
If we see the look of this one cake that is pictured is fresh nuance. Because the cheese cake is usually decorated with fresh fruit or fruit jam. Cheese cake is not roasted unless using egg-based ingredients.
The bottom of the Cheese Cake usually uses crushed biscuits and nuts. Cheese cake comes in a category of pie that is melted with water so the water can be thickened and then cooled in the refrigerator.
4. Rainbow Cake
Similar to its name, this cake is made up of layers of colorful sponge cake. This cake is mostly chosen for children's birthday party because of its very interesting warnan appearance. The basic ingredients of sponge cake of various colors are prepared using a layer of butter cream.
Looks like this one cake is very delicious. Are you curious how to make a birthday cake like this?
5. Red Velvet
As the name suggests, this cake is bright red with strawberry and Cherry decorations all around it. This one cake served as an appetizer by Americans.
The famous cake after its appearance in the Julia Roberts film, Steel Magnolias has a soft and fragrant texture so very indulgent tongue. Red Velvet is now a favorite birthday cake. The red color symbolizes the feelings of the owner's love.

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