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Celebrating a birthday is not necessarily a party, you can do it with a tender hug, a loving kiss or a cheerful phrase.

Here you will find great phrases for your family, for your boyfriend or girlfriend, for your boss, and what to say about our friends, take advantage of these images with phrases in high definition and share with the honoree.

In the case of children, birthday parties are usually attended by clowns, magicians or animators, who encourage guests to develop different games. There are also piñatas, which are balloons filled with sweets and prizes that, when they are busted, release their contents for the children to take.

Greeting someone for your birthday is a tradition that goes beyond the party. It is possible to communicate over the phone or send an email to the subject even when one is not invited to the party or when no meeting has been organized.

Another very important symbolic element in the birthday is the cake (also called cake or cake). Birthday parties usually end when the cake is served, and candles are placed so that the honoree blows them while asking for three wishes. Guests, meanwhile, sing birthday songs like "Happy Birthday" or "Las mañanitas".

But the birthday party also has a deep side, which exceeds the colorful and noisy limits of a feast with banquet. Why do we need to be honored each year on the date of our birth? Do we deserve such a congratulation? There are many people who use their birthdays to carry out a kind of self-evaluation, a journey through the achievements and failures of the last twelve months, to try to improve in the following period. For most, however, it is only an excuse (sometimes unwanted) to meet with a group of people and receive material gifts.

There is a dangerous relationship between the culture of the birthday and believe that we deserve a congratulations for the simple fact of staying alive, that it is not necessary to strive to achieve new goals, to be worthy to conserve the tiny circle of earth and oxygen that has been Given without offering anything in return. Unfortunately, not many people are aware that their existence is no more important than that of a tree, an elephant or a mosquito.

On the other hand is the custom of receiving gifts on the day of our birthday, which is strongly linked to that need to be worshiped, as if it were an offering to a god. Of course this can be interpreted as a simple and innocent way of expressing to someone the joy that gives us their existence, to continue with us; But not always the material gifts are taken as a spontaneous gesture of celebration, but are often considered an obligation and, for many, the heart of the celebration

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