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A donation app where you can donate to save innocent dogs

There are 750 million street dogs, village dogs all over the world. Life on the streets is tough. The conditions of street dogs in Pakistan are miserable. Thousands of dogs are on-street and they are ignored by people just because they’re dirty. Their body covered all over with wounds. They are sometimes bleeding. They wander from house to house to get some food. They are been kicked and beaten wherever they go. They become very lean and thin in want of food. Sleeps wherever it finds a place. Even in winter and in the hot summer days, they can be seen lying in gutters. They are shelterless, neglected and uncared. Dogs are too innocent. They deserve to be treated better. They don't deserve to being kicked by all. They lead a miserable life. Their innocent hungry face, dirty and lifeless body, Wounds in all body made me think again and again. They need proper care, medical treatment and shelter. Only animal lovers can feel how painful is this to see any dog in this condition. As human beings and as the best creation of Allah it’s our responsibility to help them as much as we can.
We are an organization working for innocent animals for more than 7 years. And donation for street dogs is a donation app. By installing this app you can be a part of us. We work for helpless street dogs. We provide food, shelter, proper care, and proper medical treatment. You can be a part of us. This app is a very easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, where you will get all updates about recovered dogs and their conditions. After installing this app you can donate a little fund. And your little help can be very beneficial to us.


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