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Bitcoin Price & Bitcoin Miner & Bitcoin Calculator APK

Bitcoin Price Ticker & Live Rates Bitcoin Mining Simulator Bitcoin Calculator

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All-in-one Bitcoin app featuring live Bitcoin stats, live price data from world's best cryptocurrency exchanges, mining power (hash power) calculator and Bitcoin to USD - USD to Bitcoin converter. All Bitcoin prices are shown in both USD and EUR.

If you have a Bitcoin investment or if you want to invest in Bitcoin, this app is for you. You can track and compare live Bitcoin prices from top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges which have the highest BTC volume.

And yes, it's totally free!

★ Bitcoin Stats & Bitcoin Tickers / Bitcoin Price Live

Displays live Bitcoin statistics and Bitcoin exchange rates in both USD and EUR.
✓ Live Bitcoin stats
• Price: Volume weighted average Bitcoin value in USD and EUR
• Market Cap: total market value in dollars (total worth of Bitcoin)
• Volume: Total trade volume for the last 24 hour in BTC
• Hash Rate: Combined hash rate of all mining pools and solo miners in TH (TeraHash)
• Block Time: Time it takes for the network to generate one extra block in the blockchain. (Time it takes to mine one block)
✓ Live price data from top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges: Bitcoin exchanges with highest trading volumes from all over the world.
• Binance (BTC/USD) (China)
• Bitfinex (BTC/USDT) (Hong Kong)
• Bitflyer (BTC/JPY) (Japan)
• Bithumb (BTC/KRW) (Korea)
• Bitstamp (BTC/USD) (Luxembourg)
• Bittrex (BTC/USDT) (US)
• (BTC/USD) (UK)
• (BTC/USD, worldwide average)
• GDAX / Coinbase (BTC/USD) (US)
• Gemini (BTC/USD) (US)
• HitBTC (BTC/USD) (Denmark)
• Huobi (BTC/USDT) (China)
• Kraken (BTC/EUR) (US)
• OKEx (BTC/USDT) (Belize)
• Paribu (BTC/TRY) (Turkey)
• Quoinex (BTC/JPY) (Japan)
• Upbit (BTC/KRW) (Korea)
• Zaif (BTC/JPY) (Japan)
✓ Catch arbitrage opportunities: Check if buying in one market and selling in another is profitable or not.
✓ Multi currency support: USD, USDT, EUR, HKY, JPY, KRW, TRY

★ Bitcoin Miner / Profit Calculator ★

Do you want to mine a Bitcoin on your phone? Do you want some free Bitcoins. With our bitcoin mining simulator, you can test your mobile phone hashing rate and see how much you can earn with that hashing power. Note that, our mining calculator uses fastest known Bitcoin mining algorithm to calculate your mining speed. It is almost impossible to get any faster than this. Bitcoin profit calculator, calculates how much you can earn using the current Bitcoin difficulty, block reward and average transaction fees. As it does not include mining pool fees and CPU power consumption into an account, profit calculated is gross profit.
✓ Bitcoin mining calculator: Calculates hashing rate of your device in KH/s (KiloHash).
✓ Bitcoin profit calculator: Calculates daily, weekly, monthly and yearly gross profit according to hash rate measured.

★ Bitcoin Converter / Bitcoin Calculator ★

Converts Bitcoin to US Dollar (BTC to USD) and US Dollar to Bitcoin (USD to BTC) using live exchange rate.

Bitcoin for Beginners

• What is Bitcoin stock symbol?
• Who invented Bitcoin?
Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008
• Is Bitcoin legal?
• Is bitcoin mining worth it?
Bitcoin mining is profitable only when ASIC miners are used
• What are Bitcoin forks?
Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Bitcore (BTX), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin God (GOD), Bitcoin Private
• What was the highest value of a Bitcoin?
$19,870 on 17 December 2017

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