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Jan 23, 2023

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Hello users of the black wallpaper application.

We, the developer of the Bulandro android application, provide a black wallpaper application that we created specifically for black wallpaper fans.

This black wallpaper application makes it easy for its users to find their favorite black wallpaper. With an application display that is very easy to use by all groups and is suitable for your Android.

We designed this black wallpaper application to be used without an internet connection, this of course will save data usage on your Android, and we also provide this black wallpaper application for free without any payment. And with clear picture quality.

Note: this application is not official and does not cooperate with any party. This application only makes it easier for users to find black wallpaper, the content in this application is all sourced from the internet.

If we violate copyright in the use of this content. Immediately contact us via the email listed, we will immediately follow up on incoming reports. Thank You
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