Blade of God 2: Orisols is a hard-core Action-RPG with a dark Nordic style


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Jan 5, 2023
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Blade of God 2:Orisols GAME

Blade of God 2 is the official sequel to the Blade of God series and also a new 'next-generation' action game.
Players will not only experience the thrill of fighting in Blade of God I, but Blade of God 2: Orisols will also bring new strategic gameplay. The game has created the unique 【Break&Skill Chain BUILD System】.
Pre-battle preparations can be made through 【Gear, Skills, Soul core BUILD】.
Identify the behaviours and attacks of different bosses in battle and 【break】to crack, which can effectively knock down the enemy. Then use the BUILD skills in 【Skill Chain】 to attack enemy’s weak point.
Ultimately, by sacrificing or redeeming hundreds of mythical heroes such as Odin and Thor, players can obtain their weapons, summon them to help, promote the progress of the world, and enjoy epic gameplay .

【Game Features】
Fragmented narratives, a four-dimensional world waiting to be decrypted.
Starting from Muspelheim, towards the vast space supported by the Yggdrasil.
Shuttle through the three timelines of Voidom, Primglory, and Trurem to find the remaining truth.
When the twilight fades and the gods fall, the world awaits your redemption.

The next-gen dark Nordic style
The giant anvil above the lava, the Valhalla floating in the sky, the majestic Golden Palace ……
Explore the featured,undiscovered and stunning mythological scenes.
Confront nearly a hundred kinds of huge creatures, monsters, and even gods from Norse mythology!

Inheritors of Blade of God 2:
Hela ---the Queen of Death,Esther ---the Wilderness Hunter and Chaos---the Blade of Soulbane.
They all look for the treasures they sacrificed in the story, and seek self-redemption.
Each inheritors has three unique classes and up to 100 kinds of skills that can be acquired.
Switch weapons between light and heavy, weapon transformation, break and evasion, and the diversified combat system.

Multiplayer fighting and cooperative confrontation
In the world of Blade of God 2,You can Invite other players or members of the Caravan to cooperate in the crusade against bosses.
Enter the player's world on an adventure, with options to attack or aid.
Play real fair PVP with other players.

Experience the fun of fighting and cultivation at the same time
Quickly release skills through the skill chain to launch a hearty combat offensive.
Inlay the soul core on the skill chain, and you can drive the power of the soul to fight.
Abundant monster haunting enriches players' operation and skill/soul core combination.

The ultimate graphics and music experience
Enjoy the best picture performance brought by the highest 4K resolution and high frame rate.
Immersive symphony experience, the international chief philharmonic orchestra participated in the music recording.

From the producer:
Each of us might sacrifice【cherished thing】for something else at some point. That could be love, freedom, health, and time.
Looking back on the past, is it true that the 【obtained thing】 is more precious than the【sacrificed thing】?
Blade of God 2 will take you on a journey of sacrifice and redemption.
Through experiencing stories of heroes and inheritors, hoping you can find your answers.
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