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Blades of Iron Throne: Sword Fighting games APK

Best Medieval Sword Fighting Games and Age of Medieval Legends of Sword Heroes

The story begins in the north medieval village where the tale of fairies,monsters and dragons is becoming real. The kingdoms are falling down by the powerful and magical creatures of history,
There is no more tales and everything is now reality and this is the age of medieval legends.
The war is going to be start between human and ice monsters creatures.
The whole empire is in dangerous and they have to fight for survival.
All emperor should be one alliance to beat them before ending the world.
Otherwise historical beast creature will be conquest.

Ervin is a commander of northern kingdom Grindavik and Ervin is introduced as the best knight of a north.
Emperor Emeris of Grindavik got information about snow monsters are coming to the north and he knows the great war is coming.
Emperor Emeris knows that they can't beat snow monsters alone they need more allies.
Terrisa var Emeris is a great woman warrior of her kingdom and daughter of the Emperor Emeris of Grindavik. She also join commander Ervin on his journey to gather more allies.
Along the way, Ervin has encountered some of snow monsters.
The snow monsters are thousands of years old, coming from the time preceding the age of heroes.
Born of powerful and untested magic. However, the snow monsters eventually broke and became the most feared creatures in the north , posing a threat to anything living.
Ervin along with other members of the northern, arrive kingdom by kingdom to convince the rest of the kingdoms to join them in the upcoming war against the white monsters and their armies of wights.

1. More than 11 different blades
1. Realistic Medieval Atmosphere
2. HD Sound Effects
6. Each Blade has different power-up
8. Realistic 3D Graphics & Effect
9. Variety Of Monsters


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