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Jul 17, 2018

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Blancco Diagnostics (previously SmartChk) APP

***NOTE: Please read this before downloading.
Use this application only if your service provider / OEM / retailer asked you to use it. This app requires a PIN for activation which is provided by enterprise customers of Blancco.***

Welcome to our Smart World!
Blancco Diagnostics (previously SmartChk) brings you a comprehensive suite of tests designed to analyze and mend all your ‘Smart’ devices. Approximately 60% of so called faulty devices can be swiftly screened, analyzed and fixed easily at home. SmartChk helps you in this endeavor by running an extensive gamut of tests on your smartphones and tablets to diagnose the health of your devices.
Features include:
1. Thorough 50 point inspection on your device in less than 4 minutes making it a swift and hassle-free venture.
2. Tests divided into primary categories such as Connectivity, Communication, Device Hardware, Camera, Display and Sensors, Audio and Battery make it easy for a user to comprehend the process.
3. The ability to upload the entire test result for a particular device into the cloud.
4. The ability to generate a barcode for test results and transfer it to another device using the toolkit functionality.
5. Captures the buyback value of your device based on the test outcomes.
6. Equipped with audio instructions to helps users perform tests better.
Carry SmartChk on the go or use it as a quick status report every morning to start your day knowing all your ‘Smart’ devices are working in top condition. It’s the one thing you absolutely need to simplify your electronic life in this digital world and resolve commonly encountered device problems.
Keeping devices working and in the hands of the customer…..SmartChk!
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