BlazBlue Guide APK

A guide of the BlazBlue characters

UpdatedMar 27, 2018 (3 years ago)
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BlazBlue Guide is a non-official guide of the 2D fighting game BlazBlue. This guide includes special moves and skills for all the characters, including Amane Nishiki, Taokaka or Noel Vermillion.

Using BlazBlue Guide is easy: when you enter the app you’ll find a grid with images of the different characters of the game. To access the information of each of the characters, just click on the image. You’ll get a drop down info sheet that includes a brief description of the character, a list that includes its normal moves and another one with the special moves which specifies the right combo to perform as well as the damage level on the enemies.

BlazBlue Guide is a detailed and super useful app that lets you take the most advantage out of your character by dominating its special moves and performing each one with greater certainty.

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