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Feb 27, 2024
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Blind Court - Rung GAME

This game, which is very popular in India and Pakistan, has several names. The name Court Piece is sometimes written as Coat Piece or Coat Pees, Pees being a Hindi word meaning to deal. In Pakistan this game is often known as Rang or Rung, which means trump. In some places, for example in Goa, it is called Seven Hands: in India the English word "hand" is sometimes used to mean a "trick" - i.e. one card played to the table by each player in turn, these cards being won by the player of the highest card.

The word Court, Coat, Kot or Kout occurs in many South Asian games and is also found as far away as Somalia and Malaysia. It usually means something like a slam, in which one team wins all the tricks or at least a number of consecutive tricks while the other team wins none. The origin of the word Kot is unclear, but Thierry Depaulis suggests that it may perhaps come from Tamil or some other Dravidian language.
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