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Blinking LED Banner - LED Display Screen & marquee


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Latest Version

NameLED Sign APK
Version17.9 (417)
UpdatedAug 01, 2021
DeveloperPower Star APPS
CategoryApps, Tools

Blinking LED Banner - LED Display Screen & marquee app

A LED banner that can display characters and symbols even scrolling texts

use it to display all kinds of information during the meeting, driving, dancing party, dating or any other occasions with Blinking LED banner.
Communicate any time with Blinking LED banner if you want:
- In a quiet occasion (LED banner displays in the meeting & classroom)
- In a noisy place (Too noisy to be heard, so you can type any characters and symbols for scrolling- displaying in the party, club & bar)
- In a dating place (Use LED scrolling text to confess your love & apologize)
- To release promotions (Display banner ads & bulletins & billboards)
- For awesome picking-up (eye catching LED scrolling text & blinker)
- As a message board in concert (Have a unique signal & marquee)
-For driving communication(To inform nearby drivers whether the taillight has been turned off or not with Blinking LED banner)
Main features:
- Customize fonts, text style and back ground color.
- Customize speed and direction (Tap the screen to pause the scrolling text or continue scrolling)
- Customize whether to turn on the LED flash or not
- Support record history, save used text fonts, etc for next time using conveniently
- Support screen rotation, the text displayed on the LED marquee will follow the screen rotation
- Support pictures or gif animation sharing
- HD mode

Simply add your message and click “start”, you will get a LED banner on the display screen, so someone can easily read it even in the car at a distance. When driving on the road but cannot inform others orally, it is time to browse Blinking LED banner. Show them the LED display screen to let others know they left the gas cap open or any other messages with LED banner.
In addition to turning on the blinker, you can also change the color and speed of the scrolling text.
How to please your girlfriend? With Blinking LED Banner, you will find it quite simple. However, you have to use Blinking LED Banner not only in the right place but also at the right time. For example, when confessing your love, take out your phone and browse Blinking LED Banner on the street at night unexpectedly then say " I love you" with our Blinking LED banner’s scrolling text and you will get unexpected effects.
In the concert, you can use this LED banner and edit your idol’s name on it, soon your favorite star will find your unique scrolling banner. This is far more convenient than the traditional bulky banners. You can use it whenever you want. You can also use it when picking up someone at the airport. People can see the scrolling text at first sight, making pick-up much more easy and convenient.
Blinking LED banner make it easy to create your own LED banners. You can set the scrolling text and style as you like. Finally, you will find that you will never need to bring a heavy LED banner any more.

If you’d like to share your feedback or suggest future features or if you have any problem about Blinking LED Banner, please share with us in the comments area.

Try it now! You will love Blinking LED banner!

*What’s new*
- Add the history function
- Increase LED banner information display rotation (synchronized with the screen rotation)
- Optimize sharing functions, picture sharing or GIFs sharing are selectable
- Optimize GIF stuttering
- Fix the issue of font choice
- Optimize LED visualization effect
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