Blitz21 is a mix of 21 and Solitaire. Defeat opponents by training your brain.


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Mar 31, 2020
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Blitz21- Dynamic Head-up Solit GAME

Head-up Tournament Game

Meet an all new hot “TROPHYZ” game where you battle your opponents and solve puzzles to earn your victory!

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Compete with other players where every game is unique after honing your skills through practice mode!

How to play

- Make a 21 or stacks of 5 cards on one of the four rows to earn points within the given time.

- Each game a player is given 52 cards to play with. Make sure you know how many cards are left in a deck for your advantage!

- If you have time remaining even after you get rid of all 52 cards, you’ll get a time bonus!

- Get combo bonus by getting rid of cards within short periods of time!

- You can stack maximum five cards per row and if your total count on a row goes over 21 more than three times it’s game over!

How to play Head-up

-This game uses “TROPHYZ” platform where you can compete with real people in real time!

-Worried you might lose? Don’t worry! There are practice modes where you can hone your skills before competing with other players!

- There’s not only Head-up but also an tournament game where you can compete with even more players at the same time!

- You can participate in “Freeroll Tournament” to earn cash prize!

- Compete with players all around the world!

- You can play not only games but also use the “TROPHYZ” platform to join leaderboards, earn achievement bonuses, participate in freeroll tournament and use Ticketpoint shop and take advantage of various royalty programs!

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