Blood Pressure : BP History Info Tracker Diary App APK

Keep Record of Systolic/Diastolic & Pulse Average Checker Analyze Health Reports

Version1.1 (2)
UpdatedDec 06, 2019 (12 months ago)
DeveloperHublink Studios
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Blood Pressure : BP History Info Tracker Diary App is newly developed Blood Pressure BP Tracker Application that keeps the record of a user’s Blood Pressure as the user can view blood pressure reports. Blood Pressure History Diary is the most authentic tool for tracking and analyzing blood pressure measurements as this tool will eventually help to control BP. It helps people suffering from various diseases of the blood circulatory system, e.g., hypertension or hypotension which is very hard to be suffering from. This app lets you log your blood pressure readings, view trends, and send reports to your physician or professional healthcare provider. Record the Blood Pressure Values and later can use these reading to analyze and monitor. Control your blood pressure with multiple build-in features like measurements analysis, statistics, graphs, comprehensive reports. Blood pressure is usually expressed in terms of the systolic pressure (maximum during one heart beat) over diastolic pressure (minimum in between two heart beats) & is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg), above the surrounding atmospheric pressure.
The Application provides multiple features that helps any user of this application to maintain his/her health. User can setup blood pressure checking reminders in case you forget to check Blood Pressure because you have to maintain the log. User can also view the reports i.e. data in multiple forms and views. Set up your profile so application may assist you in much smarter and generate the guidelines as per your convenience. Follow the guidelines and stay super fit by following the given instruction. With multi-profile support, track blood pressure of other members of your family too as you may use this single app for everything. Best app for recording blood pressure readings systolic, diastolic & pulse rate and view reposts in various formats. Regularly make the measurements and track blood pressure, as well as pulse and weight. The application calculates BMI and it helps the user to understand current health scenario. The application is very smart in every terms as the application indicates the normal, high and low blood pressure. Controls your blood pressure & blood sugar level with multiple build-in features like measurements analysis, statistics, graphs, comprehensive reports.

This is not a Fingerprint Thumb Impression Scanner which cannot used to check Blood Pressure. This is a BP history app that maintain record of Blood Pressure

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