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Sep 8, 2021

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Bloody Slayer GAME

Run after stickmen and murder them all.

The victims are resting around the campfire - it's time to put on gloves and start a killing brawl!
While the killer walks in the shadows, no one sees him. When the victims see the murderer, they run away to the forest or hide in tents for defense. Stickmen move a little faster than the slasher, so you need to catch the moment to kill them.

Please note that the victims’ lives are restored at the campfire. Make sure you slew everyone to finish the level.

Are you still waiting? It's time to murder and become a terrible killer!

Features of this chainsaw slasher game:
- A stickman cannot run outside the field.
- There’s a health bar above each stickman: to kill, you need to hit him 2-3 times.
- You need to destroy the tent if the stickman is there: approach it and hit 7-8 times.
- In order not to search for the victims for a long time, an arrow to the nearest stickman will be shown on the screen.
Join us and enjoy the killing fight.
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