BlueDiamond Mobile delivers a smart alternative to plastic access control badges

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Features added to the BlueDiamond™ mobile application v2.1 were gathered from customers who prefer no interaction with their mobile device or who wish to limit the need to launch the mobile app to initiate its features.

The new features in this latest version of the app include:
• BlueDiamond Pathways™
• Greatly simplifies the interaction required for users when accessing entryways and meeting rooms they typically access in the course of their workday
• User’s pre-defined pathway may also be launched automatically (using Location Services) or manually (from Widget or Application)
• Phone as a Badge
• Allows a user to leverage their phone as a badge, by presenting it directly to a reader while the BlueDiamond mobile application runs in the background
• Widgets
• Allows a user to launch the BlueDiamond application, ‘Search for Nearby Doors’, or ‘Launch a Pathway’ from a Widget on home screen
• Turnstile Support
• Allows a user to “shake” their phone over a turnstile reader to immediately send their credential from the BlueDiamond mobile app

Important Note: The BlueDiamond mobile app requires that your organization be set up with BlueDiamond Readers and have the ability to issue BlueDiamond mobile credentials.

The complete BlueDiamond mobile offering includes the BlueDiamond mobile smartphone app, BlueDiamond Bluetooth®-enabled readers, and mobile credentials – all tied together by our cloud server. These components tightly integrate with the LenelS2 industry leading OnGuard® security management system, allowing one-click issuance and management of mobile access control credentials.

What's New

In this version, the mobile application has been updated to provide an “effortless” or “frictionless” experience for BlueDiamond™ mobile app users. Through direct feedback, customers have requested a feature that allows them to leave a phone in their pocket or bag and have the smart device automatically send the credential once in range with NO user interaction – effortlessly! Introducing Pathways™, Phone as a Badge, Widgets and Turnstile Support as our latest new features.

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