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Bluetooth Auto Connect - Devices Pair & Connect


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NameBluetooth Auto Connect APK
Version48.0 (48)
UpdatedNov 26, 2021
Developerbt autoconnect group
CategoryApps, Tools

Updated - What's New

Minor bug fixed

Bluetooth Auto Connect - Devices Pair & Connect App

Connect to all Bluetooth devices & gadgets by using Bluetooth Auto Connect

Bt Auto Connect will improve your Bt connection for a better level!

You can improve your Bluetooth connection! How❓ Install Bluetooth Auto Connect App! 😍Use a priority list to set the queue of devices to connect to them when they are all turned on! Use the "Auto-connect" utility if you are fed up that you need to open the Bluetooth menu every time! 😱 Try “reconnect’ option for fast turning on and off your Bluetooth!

🔹Bluetooth Auto Connect can offer you not only Bt options, you can manage your apps, optimize your battery and set audio notifications too! Let`s see more details!🔹

📌Useful utilities that the Bluetooth Auto Connect app can offer you:

✅Auto Connect Opinion
Use this tool if your Bluetooth connection isn't stable! Choose a device that you want to connect Automatically, without the Bt menu!

✅ Priority list
You can set your devices by priority. So when the Bluetooth is turned on the smartphone will automatically know which device it is important for you to connect when several of them are on.

The design of the app is simple and modern so you will understand all options easily and intuitively, no special instructions are needed. Don't worry if you never used such apps before - the Bt auto-connect app is easy for everybody! And of course, every tool is free for use.

✅Different profiles
The app supports various profiles: Phone Book, A2DP Call audio, Media audio, Health, Networking, and etc.

✅Charger control/Calls control
Optional settings that might be useful for you to manage your device better. Manage your battery and calls inside the app, without any additional programs.

✅ Reconnecting
You don't need to open and close the Bluetooth menu every time your connection isn't great or your device isn`t paired, just tap the "reconnection".

✅Some advanced settings for (advanced) users

🔹This app will optimize your Bluetooth connection and will help you to manage your devices. All tools are free, install and use the app without any restrictions and additional purchases🔹

👉Bluetooth Auto Connect can easily solve many of the troubles with Bt. Just install for free and use for all the time! 👈

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