Bluetooth Serial Remote APK

Used for robot control. Communicate with Bluetooth serial modules

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedAug 27, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Use your Android phone as a remote control for robotics projects involving Bluetooth serial modules such as HC-05 or HC-06.

The intuitive user interface makes this app very easy to use.
* Click on the Bluetooth icon to connect with the robot's Bluetooth serial adapter
- If Bluetooth is not turned on, or if the device requires pairing, appropriate dialog boxes pop up
- If the app is already connected to a Bluetooth device, clicking on the Bluetooth icon lets you disconnect from the device
* Click on Settings menu to change the button-to-character mapping
- You can enable two extra buttons and name it whatever you like
- Any changes to the button-to-character mapping are saved when 'Submit' is clicked; 'Default' reverts to original values
* Once Bluetooth connection has been established, each time a control button is clicked, a single character is sent to the device. The character sent to the other device is shown as a message text.
* App also is capable of showing messages sent by the paired device. All characters between the 'read delimiter' are considered to be the received message

By default the following commands are sent:
Left button - 'a'
Right button - 'd'
Front button - 'w'
Back button - 'x'
Stop button - 's'
Func1 button - 'g' (this button can be enabled in settings)
Func2 button - 'h' (this button can be enabled in settings)

For additional information visit http://www.rohrah.com/products-services/arduino-robot

Email: kiran.b.hegde@gmail.com

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