BluetoothMetronome Metrogether APK

Bluetooth Metronome. Synchronize Max 6 Member on your band!

Version1.07 (7)
UpdatedApr 14, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Simple Accurate Metronome.

You can share your beat with your team by this Awesome App!

* How to Synchronize Band?
1. Each member needs to download this App.
2. Leader(May be drummer) press the button 'SERVER'
- Check Bluetooth On
3. Other Members press the button 'CONNECT' AND 'SCAN FOR DEVICES'
4. Other Members check Leader's Phone name and MAC Address.
5. Select the Leader's Machine on the list.
6. Check the Circle on left top Screen. Then you are connected!
- Under 30ms Latency recomanded
- Over 40ms Latency, Please Disconnect and Connect Again!
7. Only Leader can start metronome And share Beat!
- Touch play( ▷ ) button

Bluetooth has some delay, so It's really hard to share accurate beat.
BUT this Awesome App uses special algorithm to make it accurate.

Developer is drummer.
And I always seriously thinking about share accurate beat with my team..
The real device like SyncMetronome is expensive
And Apps in playstore have made me angry.. so I create this by my self.

Revolution for your team. Metrogether

What's New

New features!
- vibration
- screen change
- some minor bug fixed

Please give me other ideas to update.

Email: dgrmhead7@gmail.com

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