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Apr 1, 2019
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Blurred - Blur Photo Editor DSLR Image Background APP

Want to give your pic a focus blur effect ? want blur app for your pictures? Want to set a focus blur background to an image? want to give blur like dslr effect to your image ? If yes, then blurred - blur and focus camera is the ideal blur aap image editor to do so.

Did you ever wondered like how to blur my photo ?, how all movie start images edited by having only their image highlighted ? are you wondering how to blur the background and highlight the pic ? if yes then you are at right place, you found the blur making app which is used to highlight the people in the image.

Blurred is free focus blur photo editor app used to apply blurry effect on the unwanted part of your picture very fast. Make blur unwanted backgrounds or ugly backgrounds. Hide unwanted person from your photo by using our amazing and powerful photo editor .

Blur Focus your image and edit your photo background by applying customized blur tool . Give a dim shade , foggy look and soften unwanted portion of your pic . Change normal background to blur image background . Give an amazing blurry look to your photo make it more beautiful . Blurred is the best blurring app for changing picture background.

Give a Blur DSLR photo background look to your image, It will make your image to look same as blur dslr camera output

Steps to use:

Select image from photo album / gallery .
Click on blur mode to enable blur drawing.
Touch n apply blur filter on the portion your want .
Fine tune your picture using adjustment told like brush size and blur intensity .
Scale image to apply blur effect on small part also by using zoom mode.
Once you are done with editing , save your high quality output .
Share it on your favourite social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp

Key features of blurred focus effect image editor

1.Image picking from Gallery and selfie Camera

Select the image to be blurred from the gallery and give it a blur picture effect. The photo clicked using the blur kamera or blur selfie camera option can also be given, a blur effect, using this blur image editor.

2. Zoom in and Zoom out for blur image editor

Zoom option allows the user to zoom and un zoom blur image background using pinch gesture. to zoom the blur image background to your comfort level use pinch up to scale the blur image. To un zoom the image background use pinch down gesture to un zoom the blur image.

3. Picture Blur intensity adjustment to increase blur picture effects

Adjust the image blur intensity, in order, to give a more blurry blur photo effect, to the picture to be blurred.

4. Brush Size adjustment to increase brush radius of blur background camera app

Adjust the brush size to incase and decrease the tap width for pic blurring and giving a soft dslr blurry picture effect.

5.Blur Mode

In blur mode user can blur the unwanted areas by drawing with his finger.

6. Undo and reset option for blur background focus camera app

Now How to un blur an image, this blur editing app provides blur remover from pics feature which allows you to undo blur image to clear image, using the revert option of blur photo editor. Your previous blur operation can also be reverted by using undo option available in blur background free app.

7.DSLR camera effect and Focus photo effects

Add DSLR camera effects to your image by blurring unwanted areas in your image

8 .Attractive UI.

This easy blur editor comes with attractive UI, which gives a blurry picture photo effects to your pic.

9. Save and share to all social networks

The blurred pic can be saved to phone’s gallery, can be shared to social media like Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, instagram, twitter.

10.Photo filters and photo effects

This cool selective blurring app allows to apply photo filters and photo effects on your image. It will give dramatic look to the image.Download this top photo blur camera focus app, for free, and blur pic the way you want, and also give it a blurry picture effect.
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