In App Bob's the customer making the request and may withdraw it at the store or via delivery.


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Aug 24, 2019
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The Bob's Application is a sales channel designed to make life easier for consumers, as they will not have to queue to order. It functions as a pocket-sized self-service.
Intelligent and personalized, it is the pioneer of the category, which allows the customer to place the order on the cell phone and withdraw the product in the store or via delivery. Orders from all categories (sandwiches, desserts, ice cream or beverages), totaling over 150 items, can now be made quickly and simply, directly from the cell phone. Anyone with a smartphone on the Android or iOS system can download the Bob's App and customize the order before finalizing the purchase.
To make the product warm, it is important for the customer to click the "I'm already in the shop" button when they reach the point of sale. The order is automatically sent to the chosen store, leaving the customer to only withdraw his purchase at the counter or wait at home, in the delivery option.
For anyone who is already a customer Bob's Fan, just use your login and password to access the application. Whoever is not yet, after registering in the application, becomes a Bob's Fan and can take full advantage of the program.
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