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Latest Version

NameCard Shield APK
Version1.1 (2)
UpdatedApr 28, 2020
DeveloperBank of India Official
CategoryApps, Finance

BOI Card Shield App

“Control When, Where and How your debit card can be used”

“Control Convenience Confidence”

Turn card On/Off | Set Purchase Limits | Control Transaction & Merchant Types | Designate Use by Geographic Locations.……

Main Features of BOI CARD SHIELD APP are as:
I. Switch card on/off
a. Cardholders can lock or unlock cards with a single touch.

II. Control by location
a. Cardholders can limit card activity by location, either by keeping cards active only around their person or by limiting card usage to a region on a map.
III. Spend Limits
a. Cardholders can set spend threshold for transaction amounts.
IV. Transaction Types
a. Cardholders can enable or disable specific types of transactions and payment methods. For example, cardholder can allow or deny e-commerce or mail order purchases.
V. Merchant Categories
a. Cardholders can enable or disable merchant categories. For example, cardholder can allow or deny gas station, entertainment, personal care, and travel transactions.
VI. Instant transaction alerts
a. Cardholder can monitor alerts for various parameters as below. Cardholders can act instantly on real-time transaction alerts and offers.
b. My Location
c. Region on a Map
d. International
e. Merchant Category
f. Transaction Limit
g. Low Balance
h. Card Status Change

VII. Self Service
a. Cardholder can not only control card usage profile, many more self-service options can be made possible such as –
b. Available Balance
c. Transaction History
d. Transaction Detail
e. Tag Transaction
f. Transaction Memo
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