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In this application, we have tried to bring together all of the most popular and sought-downers in the end turned out more than 50,000 keywords and their interpretations. With you can learn what it means to a particular dream or come at night image using this guide to the dreams you in hot pursuit.

The app currently contains the following directories on dreams: Dream Interpretation Miller Dream book Freud, dream interpretation Vanga, dream interpretation of Nostradamus, Dream Interpretation Lofa Dream Interpretation Azar, Connik Canaanite, Ukrainian Dream Book, Children's Dream Book, Little Dream Book, Russian dream book, Dream Interpretation "Food", Chinese dream interpretation , Dreams of flowers, Wedding dream book, Dream Interpretation Velez Dream book for women, Dreams men of Assyria dream book, Dream Interpretation Hasse Dream Interpretation Tsvetkov, correct dream book, electronic dream book, Connik Meneghetti, Muslim dream book, Slavic dream book, English dream book, Family dream interpretation, French Dream Book, Esoteric Dream Book, Love dream book, Dream Interpretation Longo, intimate dream interpretation, dream interpretation Modern, ancient dream interpretation, dream interpretation the House of the Sun, Vedic dream book Sivananda, East women's Dream Book, Nobles, N.Grishinoy dream interpretation, dream interpretation Taflisi Old Persian, Old Russian dream book, Spiritual Dream Book, Egypt, dream interpretation pharaohs (Kenherhepeshefa), Mirrored dream book psychological states, Indian shaman's dream book, The Islamic dream interpretation ibn Sirin, Italian psychoanalytic dream interpretation A.Roberti, Culinary dream interpretation, dream interpretation Moon, People's beliefs and dream interpretation will (folklore), the Russian dream book, Self-dream book (Dream Book Vrublevskaya ), tales and mythological dream interpretation, of interpreters (1829)

The application includes a convenient search "on the fly", smart tips will show you the available words and phrases that could potentially be of interest to you. The application interface is adapted to the night time for the most comfortable reading. Database of dreams and dreams already enormous, but certainly will be regularly updated with new interpretations of dreams.

Dreams of old helps people decode the images of his dreams, a better understanding of themselves and to lift the veil of secrecy over the future. The interpretation of dreams, images and colors that we see in a dream - an ancient and complex science, but the dream book online can simplify the search for the answer to your question. Meaning of dreams can not be overstated, since it is the voice of your unconscious mind.

How dreams are associated with events occurring with the person awake? Awake, each of us gets a huge amount of information, the flow is continuous and inexhaustible. Our consciousness is forced to leave only the most important and relevant information in the memory, as it were, by filtering out everything else. However, a person remembers in minute detail everything that goes with it at any given time.

This is thanks to the work of the subconscious, collects and analyzes all incoming information. In sleep our subconscious mind comes to the fore, bringing them to the man unnoticed information through dreams - vivid imaginative action unfolding before the eyes of the sleeper.

That is why the significance of dreams is difficult to overestimate, although it is possible that in some cases, their content is influenced by vivid impressions of the past day, or is merely a reflection of just the events. However, our dreams are inexhaustible sources of information. The most common prediction is made based on them coming true. Our dream book-app, containing a huge number of interpretations of dreams in Russian, will allow you to more accurately understand the images and come to you dreams.

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